Grace Snowflake
Designed in memory of my sister-in-law, Grace Rout.

Pattern for Grace Snowflake

Booties done in size 50 thread measuring about 3.5 inches long

3D Snowflake


There are about twice as many pattern repeats as were necessary and the collar is ruffled but I didn't realize that it was too many repeats until I had finished the first quarter and by then I had done too much work to star over. The inset shows the matching clasp I made to hold the collar on.


Rainbow Pattern

Cross Bookmark

Cross Bookmark Pattern

Beaded Snowflake

Beaded Snowflake Pattern
This snowflake is similar to the snowflake used for the centre of the doily. The doily snowflake has rings that are all the same size as the inside rings in the beaded snowflake.

Start with a snowflake...

...end with a doily.
There are 2 pattern repeats added for the centre motif.